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Pets Best Pet Insurance Review 2023

Faith Boluwatife
Faith Boluwatife
Faith is an enthusiastic freelancer and regular contributor for a number of finance and insurance blogs where she writes valuable pieces to educate individuals on finance and other options. As a skilled writer, Faith has created content for diverse industries – if it exists, she’s likely written about it.

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With its headquarters in New York, Pets Best remains a top-ranking pet insurance company in the United States. It was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, whom the company believes to be the “father of the pet insurance industry in North America.” Pets Best aims to help pet owners to be finally prepared for their pets’ healthcare, most of which are always unexpected and can incur huge financial costs.

The company commits itself to provide quality insurance coverage and the best-of-its-kind pet insurance service.

Here, we have reviewed Pets Best’s pet insurance procedures, their policy, coverage types, and other important factors that determine the quality of pet insurance services.

Pros and Cons of Pets Best Pet Insurance


  • Wide range of coverage, deductible, and reimbursement options: Pets Best presents you with several coverage options to choose from while you can get to determine what your deductible and reimbursement level should be across a wide range of figures.
  • Accident-only coverage: Not all pet insurance companies offer accident-only coverage. Yet, Pets Best offers it with so much grace, with a waiting period of only 3 days.
  • Preventive care coverage: To help pet owners offset preventive care costs, Pets Best offers two coverage options for pet routine and wellness care. These options are distinct from the standard pet insurance plans.
  • Simple claims process: Pets Best’s claim process is straightforward. The 24/7 telehealth line and the app make it possible to lay claims at any time of the day.
  • Available Discounts: Pets Best offers a multi-pet discount of 5% per pet when you purchase insurance for more than one pet at a time. There are also a couple of other discount offers, including discounts for pet owners who adopted their furry friends.


  • 6-Month Waiting Period: Getting coverage for cruciate ligament issues requires a 6-month waiting period.
  • Coverage: Certain healthcare costs such as medical examination and therapy fees are included only in the expensive plans.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Plans

Pets Best offers a wide range of insurance plans that leaves you with numerous options for insuring your pets. The availability of several plans also ensures you only opt for a plan that is best for your cat or dog based on their unique conditions.

Plans available with Pets Best are:

(BestBenefit) Basic Accident and Illness Plans

Pets Best offers different levels of accident and illness plans which have been designed to fit pet owners’ budgets. These plans are known as BestBenefit plans. They exist in three tiers (essential, plus, and elite) and allow you to customize your coverage based on your pet’s need and how much you can afford. All of these tiers and plans cover treatment for accidents and illnesses and prescription medications. However, some of them will not cover exam fees, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, and rehabilitation as those will have been excluded to fit your budget.

Accident-Only Pet Insurance Plan

Pets Best offers an accident-only plan that strictly attends to the cost of vet care for accidents, injuries, and other emergencies.

Such conditions include animal and insect bites, broken bones, lacerations, and accidental swallowing. The accident-only plan makes an excellent option for pet owners working with a smaller budget.

Routine Care and Pet Wellness Plans

These are add-on plans that pet owners can purchase in addition to any of the already-mentioned plans. These plans help you bear the costs for routine vet visits and preventive care costs, which are usually not covered in the standard plans.

A routine care plan is an excellent option for pet owners with newly adopted pets or very young pets who will be requiring frequent pet visits for routine checks and preventive care. Pets Best offers two distinct routine care and wellness plans, which are:

  • EssentialWellness: This wellness plan has no deductive and reimburses you a certain amount for preventive care like rabies, vaccination, wellness exam, deworming, and urinalysis
  • BestWellness: The BestWellness plan reimburses for all the conditions in the EssentialWellness plans. In addition, however, it offers reimbursement for spaying and neutering and pays higher for certain conditions than what is obtainable in the EssentialWellness plan.

State Availability

Pets Best is available in all 50 states of the United States and Washington DC.

What Does Pets Best Pet Insurance Cover?

Here is a breakdown of what each pet insurance plan at Pets Best covers:

All BestBenefit accident and illness plans will cover the following:

  • Accidents such as broken bones, lacerations, foreign object ingestion, and poisoning
  • Cancer treatments, including coverage for MRIs, chemotherapy, and medication
  • Care for older pets without age limits
  • Diagnostics such as scans, x-rays, and pathology reports
  • Dental coverage
  • Emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery, including pre-anesthesia tests
  • Euthanasia
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions such as cherry eye, glaucoma, epilepsy, and hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Illnesses such as cancer, skin and ear infections, diabetes, allergies, and cruciate ligament injuries
  • Ongoing and chronic conditions (after your policy renews and if they have been previously covered in your old policy)
  • Prescription medications
  • Prosthetic devices and wheelchairs
  • Reproductive conditions, whether the pet is spayed/neutered
  • Travel coverage plans for treatments anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

Extended Accident and Illness Plans (these conditions may be excluded from your plan depending on the tier) will cover the following:

  • Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Exam fees
  • Physical rehabilitation

The accident-only plan will cover the following:

  • Accidental swallowing
  • Animal and insect bites
  • Broken legs
  • Lacerations
  • Poisoning
  • Surgeries that may be required after an accident

The EssentialWellness routine care and Wellness plan offer reimbursement for the following (the highest amount payable is included against each condition):

  • Blood, fecal, parasite exam: $50
  • Deworming: $20
  • Flea/Tick prevention: $50
  • Heartworm prevention: $30
  • Heartworm test or FELV screen: $25
  • Microchip: $20
  • Rabies: $15
  • Urinalysis or ERD: $15
  • Vaccination/titer: $30
  • Wellness exam: $50

Total Annual Benefits Payable $305

The BestWellness routine care and Wellness plan offer reimbursement for the following (the highest amount payable is included against each condition):

  • Blood, fecal, parasite exam: $70
  • Deworming: $20
  • Flea/Tick prevention: $65
  • Heartworm prevention: $30
  • Heartworm test or FELV screen: $30
  • Microchip: $40
  • Rabies: $15
  • Spay/Neuter – Teeth Cleaning: $150
  • Urinalysis or ERD. $25
  • Vaccination/titer: $40
  • Wellness exam. $50

Total Annual Benefits Payable $535

What Does Pets Best Pet Insurance Not Cover?

Like every pet insurance plan, Pets Best excludes some conditions from their plans to keep insurance premiums affordable.

Here is a list of what Pets Best pet insurance does not cover:

  • Elective and preventive procedures such as nail trimming, tail docking, and anal gland removal
  • Herbal, holistic, and experimental therapies
  • Non-veterinary expenses such as food, special diets, and supplements
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Testing, treatment, and prevention of parasites

Note that despite not covering elective and preventive procedures, you may have limited coverage for certain preventive care in the optional BestWellness plan.

Pets Best Waiting Periods for Coverage

After you have paid the premium for pet insurance, you will need to wait a certain period after you lay claim before the coverage becomes active. Pets Best has three different waiting periods depending on the plan you have purchased:

  • Three days for accidents
  • 14 days for illnesses
  • Six months for cruciate ligament issues

The 4-day waiting period for illnesses is an industry standard and is common to most pet insurance companies. However, Pets Best’s 3-day waiting period for accidents is one of the best out there. Not all pet insurance companies have a six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament issues.

Therefore, if you consider your pet’s breed highly susceptible to such issues, you might want to consider other options.

How Much Does Coverage Cost?

Two yellow labrador retriever puppies

The following table shows the prices of Pets Best Pet insurance for popular pet breeds in Dallas, Texas (postal code 75242) with a reimbursement rate of 80%, an annual limit of $10,000, and a $200 annual deductible.

Accident Only Accident + Illness Accident + Illness + Wellness plan
Labrador Retriever
8-week-old puppy $9.00 $65.00 $68.00
5-year-old $9.00 $88.00 $92.00
Senior $9.00 $157.00 $164.00
French Bulldog
8-week-old puppy $9.00 $107.00 $112.00
5-year-old $9.00 $144.00 $151.00
Senior $9.00 $210.00 $220.00
Golden Retriever
8-week-old puppy $9.00 $66.00 $69.00
5-year-old $9.00 $89.00 $93.00
Senior $9.00 $157.00 $165.00
German Shepard
8-week-old puppy $9.00 $58.00 $61.00
5-year-old $9.00 $78.00 $82.00
Senior $9.00 $114.00 $119.00
8-week-old puppy $9.00 $39.00 $41.00
5-year-old $9.00 $44.00 $47.00
Senior $9.00 $71.00 $75.00
Exotic Shorthair Cats
8-week-old kitten $6.00 $29.00 $30.00
5-year-old $6.00 $37.00 $38.00
Senior $6.00 $106.00 $111.00

Since premium costs can vary based on location and a couple of other factors such as your preferred plan tiers, the best way to determine the exact amount you will pay for your pet insurance is by requesting a quote.

Pets Best’s website will also provide adequate information on the company’s pricing policy and considerations.

Available Coverage Levels, Deductible, and Reimbursement Options

Pets Best does not only provide a wide range of coverage plans but also provides several options through coverage levels, deductible and reimbursement amounts.

Coverage Levels

The coverage level is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay for a covered event or condition. Pets Best offers two coverage types which are $5,000 or unlimited. That said, $5,000 is the minimum amount you can set your coverage level to be with Pets Best. This can affect premium rates when compared with other pet insurance companies that offer lower coverage levels.

Deductible Options

The deductible amount is the amount you pay out of your pocket and must pay upfront before you can lay claim on reimbursement from your pet insurance company. Pets Best offers an extensive range of deductible options which have been listed below:

  • $50
  • $100
  • $200
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1000

Reimbursement Options

Your chosen reimbursement level determines how much coverage you will get for your pet care. Pets Best offers three options for reimbursement level which are:

  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%

Available Discounts Offered by Pets Best

Pets Best offers a number of discounts to pet owners which can help you save money. These discounts include:

  • A 5% multi-pet discount for insuring more than one pet.
  • A 5% discount if you adopted your pet.
  • A 5% discount if you are a staff member
  • 10% off your premium if you purchase an insurance policy within 24 hours after a veterinary exam.

Note that these discounts only apply when you purchase any of the BestBenefit plans. Also, the veterinary exam discount cannot be combined with other discounts. That is, if you benefit from the 10% off for veterinary exam, you will be ineligible for any of the other discounts for that purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Pets Best Offer a Wellness Plan?

Yes, Pets Best offers optional wellness plans known as routine care and pet wellness plans. There are two distinct wellness plans available: the EssentialWellness routine care and the BestWellness routine care. Each of these add-on plans pays a specified amount for certain routine and preventive care with the BestWellness plan offering higher pay and offering coverage for more conditions.

Does Pets Best Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

No, Pets Best’s insurance policy does not cover conditions that have been existing before you purchased a premium. However, you should expect coverage for conditions that were carried over from your expired subscription with the company into your new annual subscription.

Does Pets Best Cover Dental Cleaning?

Pets Best add-on wellness plans provide coverage for dental cleaning procedures but the standard plans do not. However, the accident and illness plans do offer dental coverage for conditions like periodontal disease if your pet meets certain specified requirements.

Does Pets Best have any coverage limits?

Yes. Pets Best has two coverage limits: $5,000 or unlimited.

How Do I File a Claim with Pets Best?

You can either file a claim online through the Pets Best website or use the Pets Best app. Both platforms are easy to use and provide an excellent user experience. Your medium of filing a claim will not affect how long it takes for your claim to be approved. Claims are generally paid through direct deposits within two days of approval. If you prefer a paper check, however, you should expect it within five to seven days of your claim being approved.

How Long Does it Take Pets Best to Pay Out?

Pets Best claims to attend to claims as soon as they are sent. However, the length of time spent largely depends on how many claims the system is managing per time and claims will be attended to on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Can I Cancel a Policy from Pets Best?

Follow the following procedures to cancel a policy from Pets Best:

  • Gather all relevant information such as the policy number and other important details. You can contact customer care and request to speak with an agent to confirm some of these details.
  • Request to cancel your policy through email or phone.
  • The company will provide you with further steps to take, which can include completing a cancellation form.
  • Find out what charges may be incurred for policy cancellation and pay the fees.

Does Pets Best Cover Spaying and Neutering?

Pets Best’s standard plans do not cover spaying and neutering. However, the BestWellness add-on plan reimburses a certain amount for spaying and neutering.

Does Pets Best Cover Euthanasia?

Yes. Euthanasia is covered by Pets Best standard accident and illness plans, which are otherwise known as BestBenefit plans.

Does Pets Best Cover Hip Dysplasia?

Pets Best covers hip dysplasia in their accident and illness plans. However, you should note that the condition will not be covered if it has already been existing in your pet before you purchase insurance.

Is Pets Best Accepted by Every Vet?

Being a countrywide insurance company, Pets Best is recognized and accepted by most vets who will agree for reimbursements to be paid to them directly. However, it is possible to find vets who will not accept coverage from Pets Best. The best way to determine this is to confirm with your veterinarian. Since Pets Best also provides reimbursements, you may just pay upfront and expect the reimbursement to be sent to you even if the vet does not recognize the insurance company.

Does Pets Best Pay the Vet Directly?

Pets Best can pay your vet directly for your pet care if you so decide, and if the pet agrees to treat your pet before the claim is sent. You may also lay a claim for reimbursement to be sent into your account if you’ve already paid vet bills upfront. Of course, your claim would only be valid for conditions that are covered in your policy.

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